Why this podcast?

Write As Rain

This is a podcast for all creative writers. I aim to help get my fellow writers into a creative mindset and a daily habit while sharing my successes and struggles in my own journey. There will be creative prompts that I do alongside you because that's how I always used to begin getting into the right headspace to write.

I chose the name Write As Rain because I wanted a title that was a play on the word write. So, I searched for different phrases containing the word "right" to replace it. I happened on 'right as rain' and knew that was perfect.

I identify as a pluviophile or a person who loves the rain. My mom used to have to drag me inside because I would be dancing in the pouring rain. I always feel very creative when it rains. Something about the weather brings out the creativity in me. Don't get me wrong, summer is my favorite season, and I love a hot, sunny day (swimming at the beach or the pool), but rain will always bring me joy.

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